How can a Poodle whoop up on a Pit Bull?

The poodle that killed the pit bullThe pit bull is weakened from lack of food

An Indian chief tells a story of a poodle and a pit bull. They don’t get along- they fight every day. The chief says the poodle can beat the pit bull and does so, often. Moreover, he can accurately predict the winner every time.

What is the chief’s secret to knowing which dog will win? It lies in knowing their diets- he keeps an eye on their daily food intakes. The best fed dog always wins the battle.

The moral of the story: a well-fed poodle can overcome a hungry and weakened pit bull.

You have a similar battle going on inside you

So goes the battle inside every man. Two dogs war for control of your man-soul. Sexual temptation is one dog; self-control is the  other. They face off inside every man every day. Both dogs are hungry and each possess the will to win.

You, just like the Indian chief, can predict the winner of this battle because you control the fight. You control the food. Sexual temptation offers nutrition in the form of lustful thoughts. Resistance and self-denial make your fleshy nature weak. That is your good defense.

Dr. Archibald Hart writes, “Most men face a lifelong struggle to control their sexuality. The struggle is between their hormones and their higher aspirations. It is a battle between their seemingly uncontrollable urges and the fear of succumbing to these urges. Ultimately, it is a struggle over integrity, right and wrong, uprightness and wholeness.”

Engage the battle

I spoke with a man recently who shared his struggle with pornography. He was frustrated but I shared with him that his battle was halfway won because acknowledgement was half the battle and that most men are too afraid to admit, much less talk about this fight. Good for him.

Don’t beat yourself up

If that is where you are- the “I’ve-really-had-enough-and-want-to-be-free-from-this-thing” stage, don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for every sexual thought that flies across your brain’s radar. The devil is good at planting different thoughts. But it’s only the thoughts that you park on that are food for the sexual sin dog. Thoughts are like birds— you can’t keep the birds from flying over your head but you can sure keep them from building a nest in your hair.

Resistance weakens the bad dog. The good dog is strengthened by self-control. Over time, your spiritual muscle dog will get stronger and stronger- more battle tested.

The battle goes to the strong. Which dog will you feed today?


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