I resist. Again.

Resisting a piece of pie

When I am most tempted, I guess I’m like an old drunk dreaming of returning to the bottle. I know what I could get if I return to porn. It’d be good. It would be fulfilling.

Yes it would be good. For that short time. I’d have all the women again, at my disposal. The emotional thrill. The rush would last for a little while. Then I’d be left sitting in the mess I made. Worse yet, I’d be hooked again. Or rather, I’d have a hook in me.

Hook through pigs snout hanging at meat plant

The devil is smart. He hits you with the good stuff. Your flesh is weak. It loves this stuff. So you end up with a hook in you. And guess what? At that point you have surrendered control. You thought you got the lady, but you got sucker-punched. You gave ground to the one who wants to destroy you. Now you either stay in prison or fight your way out.

The better choice

Nowadays when I get most tempted, I stop and use my brain. I rethink the facts. I don’t let myself keep going down that road. I resist. Again. And again. I eject that tape and stick in a new one.

I choose not the path of destruction. And it’s not just what I’m staying away from. It’s what I’m moving forward to. I choose obedience to God, which comes with a reward, and duty to my family. As a good friend of mine says, “I man up.”


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