How porn impacts your marriage

Porn's Impact

There are some who say that porn is not harmful to a marriage; some believe it is healthy. Consider a study done in 1984 by Dolf Zillman of the University of Indiana and Jennings Bryant of the University of Houston.

Their findings indicate that exposure to pornography strongly impacted how the subjects felt about their sexual experiences, that repeated exposure to pornography results in a decreased satisfaction with one’s sexual partner.

Porn's Impact on Your Marriage

Most startling it showed that just six hours of exposure to soft-core pornography is enough to destroy the viewer’s satisfaction with his or her spouse.

Interesting, isn’t it? Modern social scientists have confirmed by research what the ancients knew by common sense: The best way to destroy a marriage is to excite the sexual passions of one of the spouses.  Read more on this from The Elastic Bed Syndrome

“The results are clear and consistent; exposure to pornographic material puts one at an increased risk for developing sexually deviant tendencies, committing sexual offenses, experiencing difficulties in one’s intimate relationships, and accepting the rape myth.” – Researchers Elizabeth Oddone-Paolucci, Mark Genuis and Claudio Violato from the University of Calgary

Internet safety expert Sam Black had this to say when asked what teens learn from porn:

“More partners are better. Stable relationships must be boring. Novelty provides greater satisfaction. Over time the brain that feeds on erotic media is trained to equate sexual excitement with the novelty and variety of pornography.” –

Dr. Corey Allan of Simple Marriage writes, “So what’s the impact pornography has upon marriage and family life?…

Pornography leads to an objectification rather than a meaningful interaction with another person. One woman from a study stated:

I am no longer a sexual person or partner to him, but a sexual object. He is not really with me, not really making love to me… He seems to be thinking about something else – likely those porn women… He is just using me as a warm body. ~ Bergner & Bridges

The use of pornography directly correlates to a decrease in sexual intimacy. Research also finds that its usage is viewed as a form of infidelity that reduces the exclusivity of the relationship. Online sexual activity is perceived by both men and women as an act of betrayal that is as authentic and real as offline acts, namely emotional infidelity.

So what does all this mean?

Pornography has a negative impact on you as a person – and on your relationships. It hurts the ones you love and it likely creates a wall between you, driving you apart rather than closer together.

For a fascination look at what goes on inside your brain when exposed to porn, look here: Your Brain On Porn 


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