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Beating Porn

Cut off the head of sexual temptation

The shepherd David slew his enemy, Goliath, and he didn’t stop there. He severed Goliath’s head. David finished the job. Beating porn is like this- you need to be brutal in battling pornography. Close this chapter of your life To close and move on from this chapter of your life, you need to attack it…

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In the eyes of the beholder

Michael Swadley

Michael Swadley is a friend of mine. Sadly, not long ago, he lost his young wife. Read his words below and strengthen yourself to love your wife more deeply and to keep yourself on the right track: Michael writes, “As I was looking at photos of Charlsie Swadley last night, I remembered how when away…

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Do I have to fast?

Book on Biblical Fasting Principles

Jesus said, “When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do…” Did you catch that? He said, “When you fast…”, not “if you happen to get around to it every once it a while.” Fasting is one of the primary disciplines of the spiritual life. Though not so pushed from the pulpit today,…

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You, Warrior

The Battlefield of sexual temptation

You may not realize that you exist on a battlefield in the spiritual realm. We are all spiritual as well as physical beings. You are involved in a spiritual conflict. Your commander-in-chief, if you know him, is Jesus Christ. Your enemy is that old devil, the one who desires to destroy your soul. By the way,…

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5 Reasons We Should NOT Talk About Porn in Church

5 Reasons We Should NOT Talk About Porn in Church Great article at Covenant Eyes:

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Word or thought?


“As a man thinketh, so is he.” -Proverbs 23:7 There has been much written about the the power of our words- how what we confess with our mouth shapes our future. Is it true? Where do words come from? They come from inside of us. Thoughts are bubbling up The words we speak are an…

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Thought Systems

thought systems

The pornographic images keep popping into your head. They replay in your mind so easily. How can a guy win this battle? There is a way. You can reprogram your thought system. Try this: don’t think about a pink elephant.   What did you think about?   (scroll down)                  …

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How can a Poodle whoop up on a Pit Bull?

The poodle that killed the pit bull

An Indian chief tells a story of a poodle and a pit bull. They don’t get along- they fight every day. The chief says the poodle can beat the pit bull and does so, often. Moreover, he can accurately predict the winner every time. What is the chief’s secret to knowing which dog will win? It…

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How to Quit Porn: by Doug Weiss, PhD

Doug Weiss, PhD

Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. is a nationally known author, speaker and licensed psychologist. He has appeared on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Good Morning America and 20/20. Read his Six Essential Steps to Quitting Porn, published by Covenant Eyes, here.        

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It’s Not About Trying Harder!

Mark Kastleman

Mark Kastleman is a pioneer in the studies of human addictions. His writings give empowering insight into the connections between our brain and our behaviors. “If you’re like virtually everyone who struggles with pornography use and other unwanted sexual behaviors, you’ve tried to overcome your addiction countless times, only to fall right back into your…

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