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I resist. Again.

Resisting a piece of pie

When I am most tempted, I guess I’m like an old drunk dreaming of returning to the bottle. I know what I could get if I return to porn. It’d be good. It would be fulfilling. Yes it would be good. For that short time. I’d have all the women again, at my disposal. The emotional thrill….

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Your Brain On Porn: Why Evolution has not Prepared your Brain for Today’s Internet Porn


this article is reprinted with permission from Your Brain on Porn What happens when you drop a male rat into a cage with a receptive female rat? First, you see a frenzy of copulation. Then, progressively, the male tires of that particular female. Even if she wants more, he has had enough. However, replace the…

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Jimmy Swaggart and the Power of Pornography

Swaggart Pointing and Preaching

Jimmy Swaggart. Pentecostal pastor, teacher, musician, author, televangelist… porn addict? Jimmy Swaggart was born in Ferriday, Louisiana, in 1935, the cousin of rock’n’roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis and country music star Mickey Gilley. With his parents, Swaggart attended a small, 25-member Assemblies of God church in Ferriday. At the age of nine, he began to preach on street corners…

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Porn and the dinner table

kitchen table

What do porn and a dinner table have in common? Both involve community- sharing a meal brings people together. Pornography brings people together, in a way- mentally or spiritually, if you will. Sharing a meal- tradition and biblical example In most every culture, sharing a meal together is practiced and rightfully enjoyed- a healthy ritual. Some cultures regard…

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My wife isn’t wild enough (in bed). I’m unsatisfied.

If My Wife Would Fulfill My Fantasies

I need a wilder wife. Can you identify with me? I’ve held that belief before and it drove dissatisfaction in me. The idea that a wife is not measuring up for us, sexually, doesn’t come naturally. That is learned. Think about your first romance- maybe a childhood sweetheart. It was enough simply to touch her hand. Your heart accepted her…

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A fellow missionary helped guide him away from his Internet porn addiction

Sex Addiction in the Church book

excerpted from the book Sex Addiction in the Church-12 Christian Men Share Their Stories of Recovery, edited by Steve Steele. Quarry Press, Dallas, Texas. Used with permission. Coming from my background who would’ve thought that I would be addicted to Internet pornography? That I would take this addiction into the mission field? I am, first…

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Kidnapped! A Man’s Wildest Dream Turned Nightmare

bloody hands, man kidnapped

By Jeff Colón  A few years ago I heard a true story I will never forget. A group of people conspired to kidnap a certain wealthy Long Island businessman to get a sizeable ransom. They arranged to have a young attractive woman invite him over to her house “to be entertained.” Even though he was…

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Fleeting Images

man stares at computer images

Addiction to porn is keeping many Christian men from a mature relationship with Christ and a marriage relationship with a woman By J.C. Derrick & Angela Lu – reprinted from an article originally pubished in World- Real Matters, Oct. 4, 2013 Richard grew up in a conservative Christian home and encountered pornography when a 10th-grade classmate slipped a…

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Let the train wreck

train wreck

Imagine how destructive a train wreck could be. Sudden wreckage. Injury. Lives turned upside down. We’ve all read stories of traing wrecks that come as a result of immorality. The truth is that sexual sin can wreck our lives; many stories tell of men who have lost all they hold dear because of sexual sin run amok. Many…

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Every Man’s Battle video

Fred Stoeker - Every Man's Battle on Vimeo

A video by Fred Stoeker (author of Every Man’s Battle):

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