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You are an Umbrella

The Umbrella of Protection

An umbrella? Well you resemble one in a spiritual sense. An umbrella protects. You, as a man, are an umbrella, or covering of protection over your family. Strong’s Concordance defines rule here as “to set over, to superintend, to be a protector or guardian. To care for.” You work in concert with God, because spiritual protection originates from God. Spiritual protection…

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          What’s the difference between the experience that happens during a healthy sexual relationship with a loved one- vs. the sexual experience that occurs while interacting with ‘strangers’, using pornography? Let’s look. Fight the New Drug has published an article which gives details of the counterfeit nature of the pornography-based experience, both in terms of the…

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No porn. No sex?! Now what?

man puzzled over sexless marriage

I can’t look at porn because it destroys all that is precious to me. And going without porn is manageable in a healthy marriage, especially those with a vibrant sex life. But some of you are without sex inside your marriage. Ouch. The sexless marriage Sexless marriages exist. I first heard of one from a friend who…

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How porn impacts your marriage

Porn's Impact

There are some who say that porn is not harmful to a marriage; some believe it is healthy. Consider a study done in 1984 by Dolf Zillman of the University of Indiana and Jennings Bryant of the University of Houston. Their findings indicate that exposure to pornography strongly impacted how the subjects felt about their…

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Like Father, Like Son (The Lawn Chair Story)


Pornography is the epitome of selfishness. With porn, I do my own thing. I control it. I get pretty much everything I want. In this little world I don’t care much about anybody else. My needs rule. But the choices I make in this fantasy world affect those around me, in my real life. A True Story A friend shared…

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Porn addiction destroys relationships, lives


A 50-year-old married physician views Internet pornography for hours at his home, masturbating five to seven times a day, then begins surfing porn sites at the office and risks destroying his career. Another man spends many hours a day downloading porn, filling multiple hard drives, and devotes a separate computer just to pornography. A married couple view…

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Captivating With Color


That old devil, he’s a tricky guy. He knows how color captures the eye. Porn, especially the print variety, uses a lot of color. The human brain is attracted to that kind of stimulation.   Recognizing things like this- how the mind works, helps.   Put some color up around your desk, your dresser, etc. That helps your brain…

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What is your spring?

Flowing mountain river steams

OK, not that kind of spring. This type: The psalmist King David wrote, “All my springs (my sources of life and joy) are in You.” – from Psalms 87, Amp Where do your springs come from? The things that give you life and energy. What drives you through your day? What fires you up? Have you thought…

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We all lust. Are we all doomed?


Jesus set the bar impossibly high. That is, it is impossible without His Spirit living in you. We all lust- are we all doomed? Read more about this idea at Covenant Eyes.      

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I resist. Again.

Resisting a piece of pie

When I am most tempted, I guess I’m like an old drunk dreaming of returning to the bottle. I know what I could get if I return to porn. It’d be good. It would be fulfilling. Yes it would be good. For that short time. I’d have all the women again, at my disposal. The emotional thrill….

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