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It’s Not About Trying Harder!

Mark Kastleman

Mark Kastleman is a pioneer in the studies of human addictions. His writings give empowering insight into the connections between our brain and our behaviors. “If you’re like virtually everyone who struggles with pornography use and other unwanted sexual behaviors, you’ve tried to overcome your addiction countless times, only to fall right back into your…

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STD City

Porn won’t give you an STD but it could lead you to one. Raymond G. Bohlin, M.S., Ph.D., Molecular Biology, writes: Today, there are approximately 25 STDs. A few can be fatal. Many women are living in fear of what their future may hold as a result of STD infection. It is estimated that 1…

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Boredom and Porn

Boredom Screwtape

“My dear Wormwood … I have always found that the trough (boring) periods of the human undulation provide excellent opportunity for all sensual temptations.” For more on this, visit this post at Covenant Eyes:  

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5 Brain Chemicals in a Healthy Sexual Act and How it is Different from Pornography Addiction

natural chemicals

In his book The Drug of the New Millennium, the Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use, Mark B. Kastleman (founder of Candeo Can recovery program) provides a very detailed description of the process that takes place inside a pornography viewer’s brain. In order to understand these processes, the author first examines how the brain is designed to work…

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14 Ways to Affair-Proof Your Marriage

vintage marriage couple affair proof

by Brett & Kate McKay Many people look at infidelity as if it was a natural disaster; like it it just inexplicably happened. The truth is that not only can men see it coming, they can prevent it from happening as well.  It is possible to affair proof your marriage. Will it be a lot of…

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8,000 sexual thoughts per day?

the number 8000

“Some claim that men think about sex every seven seconds (around 8,000 times a day!), but there is absolutely no research to back that claim.” -December 6, 2011, Brian Mustanski, Ph.D., Psychology Today A study done at Ohio State University conducted on college-aged students revealed these findings: The average number of sexual thoughts per day for a man is……

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Rich in Porn

rich with a pile of coins

Today we have the ability to accumulate women almost like King Solomon, but with a twist. Unless you’re a sheik from Mozambique, you’re probably limited to a digital or print collection of women. If you’re into pornography you know the porn world is all about images. Solomon was a rich man. He had fame, money, and women.    …

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Porn Has Personally Destroyed my Family!

Circle of Moms article John Holmes

By Debra Leah Holmes – posted on 08/04/2012 at Circle of Moms I wanted to start this discussion on a 4 letter Word that will be my Enemy until I take my last breath because it has personally destroyed one of my family members and has torn a path of destruction in my family for 30 years!…

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Would my wife make love to me more if I loved her more?

ancient gold coin two sides

Like most people, I want my needs met. As a man, I definitely want my sexual needs met. I’d like it if my wife made love to me more. More sex makes me happy. My wife understands that desire of mine, but my wants are not always fulfilled. That can make me frustrated. I naturally see things from my point of view,…

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Honey, could you recommend any good porn sites for me?


You know how it goes when you’re looking for advice on something- you run the idea by a buddy, and sometimes what you hear is, “Have you run that by your wife?” That is a wise response from one who knows the value of a woman’s insight. A woman gives you another angle at something that can’t originate inside a male brain. Now imagine…

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