Man, It’s Tough

Man, Sexual Temptation is Tough

I know all the truths, but man it’s tough. I’m single. I go to a really big church. I hang out a lot with the guys and girls from my Youth Group and try to date only Christian girls. But sexual temptation is so difficult.

I’m bombarded with it all day long. I click on a website, and off to the side there’s a beautiful woman who looks really nice. I try to look away, but…

I watch TV. I’m really picky about what I watch. Then a commercial comes, and boom! There she is again. It’s crazy.

Jesus says if I look on a woman with lust, it’s adultery in my heart. I know I’m supposed to wait until I get married, but that seems almost impossible. I know when I’m married it will be easier but even then I hear that the sexual purity I have now will make my future marriage that much better.

The hardest part for me is at night, in bed. I lay there and start imagining. The next thing I know…I gotta have relief.

It’s like I live a double life.