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Have you changed your camera lens?

camera lens

Have you changed your camera lens (the one on your brain)? The human eye- that marvelous organ- has a lense on it not unlike a camera. It receives signals from your eyeballs and helps your brain make sense of what you see. What does a lens do anyway? According to Wikipedia, the role of a camera lens is to “correct the many optical aberrations that arise in…

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Your Brain On Porn: Why Evolution has not Prepared your Brain for Today’s Internet Porn


this article is reprinted with permission from Your Brain on Porn What happens when you drop a male rat into a cage with a receptive female rat? First, you see a frenzy of copulation. Then, progressively, the male tires of that particular female. Even if she wants more, he has had enough. However, replace the…

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It’s Not About Trying Harder!

Mark Kastleman

Mark Kastleman is a pioneer in the studies of human addictions. His writings give empowering insight into the connections between our brain and our behaviors. “If you’re like virtually everyone who struggles with pornography use and other unwanted sexual behaviors, you’ve tried to overcome your addiction countless times, only to fall right back into your…

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5 Brain Chemicals in a Healthy Sexual Act and How it is Different from Pornography Addiction

natural chemicals

In his book The Drug of the New Millennium, the Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use, Mark B. Kastleman (founder of Candeo Can recovery program) provides a very detailed description of the process that takes place inside a pornography viewer’s brain. In order to understand these processes, the author first examines how the brain is designed to work…

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