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Have you changed your camera lens?

camera lens

Have you changed your camera lens (the one on your brain)? The human eye- that marvelous organ- has a lense on it not unlike a camera. It receives signals from your eyeballs and helps your brain make sense of what you see. What does a lens do anyway? According to Wikipedia, the role of a camera lens is to “correct the many optical aberrations that arise in…

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Our God Heals

frustrated doctor

God heals our desire for porn. Over time. As long as we’re doing our part. Removing temptations, changing how we think, etc. Your brain is a powerful machine. Re-programming your machine is a process; not usually a quick fix. Why is that? Because a porn habit grips a man in ways other than simply physical. And…

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You, Warrior

The Battlefield of sexual temptation

You may not realize that you exist on a battlefield in the spiritual realm. We are all spiritual as well as physical beings. You are involved in a spiritual conflict. Your commander-in-chief, if you know him, is Jesus Christ. Your enemy is that old devil, the one who desires to destroy your soul. By the way,…

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