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Fleeting Images

man stares at computer images

Addiction to porn is keeping many Christian men from a mature relationship with Christ and a marriage relationship with a woman By J.C. Derrick & Angela Lu – reprinted from an article originally pubished in World- Real Matters, Oct. 4, 2013 Richard grew up in a conservative Christian home and encountered pornography when a 10th-grade classmate slipped a…

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Thought Systems

thought systems

The pornographic images keep popping into your head. They replay in your mind so easily. How can a guy win this battle? There is a way. You can reprogram your thought system. Try this: don’t think about a pink elephant.   What did you think about?   (scroll down)                  …

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Rich in Porn

rich with a pile of coins

Today we have the ability to accumulate women almost like King Solomon, but with a twist. Unless you’re a sheik from Mozambique, you’re probably limited to a digital or print collection of women. If you’re into pornography you know the porn world is all about images. Solomon was a rich man. He had fame, money, and women.    …

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